Opening Credits Sequence

The opening credits sequence was something I've wanted to do since I first started using Graphic Design programs, and essentially serves the same purpose as all other Star Trek series, except that since there are no actual movies with actors, the only credits in this are those of "Based on Star Trek by Gene Rodenberry," "A Day Without Rain" Composed and performed by Enya, and a special thanks to two people who are, at least in part, responsible for STDragon's creation and 7-season run. I hope you all enjoy this, it really is just for fun. Click on the image below to download it.

A few quick notes while you download: In order to view this video, you must download the DivX codec from It is a free download, and is the reason the file size of this animation is 14.5 Megs and not larger.

The video you are about to or have downloaded was created entirely by Jon Wasik, all copyrights reserved (though special thanks to NASA for the Earth textures). That means any part of the video or the video in whole may not be used for any other purpose than viewing. Furthermore, by no means can any profit ever be made from it (unless you want Paramount's lawyers breathing down both of our necks) Also, this video may not be posted on any other website, NO EXCEPTIONS! Also, if you wish people on your own website to view this video, post a link to only! No direct links may be posted to the animation.

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