The final season for Star Trek Dragon and, in many ways, the most memorable. As far as writing goes, I think it's when my both my style and my stories finally began to mature. However, much like in previous seasons, I started creating images for every episode, but this time after only the fourth one, I had to stop, as it took a lot of time, and I wanted to focus my attention more on writing. Granted I had to make images for the titles of all episodes, but those were simple, quick images, touched up and improved greatly by post processing only after I took the parts of them that I needed for the titles.

It was in Season 7 that I had changed the 'logo' for Star Trek Dragon once again, changing the color of the word Dragon from blue to the textured orange. I also then decided to place the logo on all images, which is fine and all, but was also time consuming. Still, some decent images, and some not-so-decent images, came out of this season :)

Episode 58

Episode 59

Episode 60

Episode 61