Season 6 was the big season, and in all reality served two purposes. The first was tying in a lot of loose ends for STDragon. IE: it was showing how each and every episode of STDragon really mattered, and how even some of the small details in the past really mattered. S6 also serves as the beginning of the end for STDragon, as it begins the series of events that eventually led to the end of the series.

It also allowed me to finally use a Kiklar Scout ship I had built while still writing Season 3. I also took the opportunity to build a Kiklar cruiser. I planned on building the Kiklar carrier and the Command Ship, but never got around to it. I may eventually finish them and add more images later. However, after the episode "Evacuation" I stopped creating images as it took way too much time, of which I was running very short on. I hope to start making images for episodes again in Season 7, but even if I don't, I will come back and make images later on for both S6 and S7.

Episode 49

Episode 50

Episode 51

Episode 52

Episode 53