When Season 5 began, I was probably less than halfway finished with the Sentinel model, and as such, creating images for it was next to impossible. However, by the Season finale, I had finally completed it, and aside from some vague appearances in the title images for most of the episodes, it wasn't until then that it finally saw the light of day as well as some action. I have, however, created images for the first two episodes since, and simply haven't posted them until now. As such, the Season 5 premier "Onto the Breach" and the following episode "Dream World" now have images both within the episodes as well as here. More will come as I find time, but making models and images for S7 will be my priority while S7 is still in progress. Also note that this was when I first began creating my own title images, and when I first started I still wasn't very good at it. Some turned out good, some didn't, but it was a learning experience.

Episode 40

Episode 41

Episode 48