"Lonesome Road"
 Commentary by Jon Wasik

As usual for episode commentary, if you haven’t read the episode yet, don’t read this commentary unless you want major spoilers!

So what is so special about STDragon’s "Lonesome Road?" you ask? Well, as you may have noticed, the Dragon makes it home, or at least the crew does. That’s obvious. But what else? Why name it Lonesome Road?

Well, to answer the first question, what else…it’s the end of part of the series. The end of Season 1 started with the Dragon entering the Kalium Galaxy…and now, at the end of Season 3, that story line has come to an end. Furthermore…the crew left their new home behind. As you may have noticed, even though it wasn't directly stated, the crew started to think of the Kalium galaxy as their home…as well as the Dragon itself. They left that home behind…and with it, people…and memories.

It’s a time of change for the crew…and for the past couple of years, it has been a time of change for me. The song fits the episode simply because Chris must walk down that lonesome road home…alone. Same with Tom and Ada, who are now separated and have been for a while now. Same with any crew member who lost a friend or loved one in the three years of the Dragon’s adventures (even though it hasn’t been that long in real time, both at the Federation and here in our real world.) They are leaving it behind…and looking back would only hurt them. Hence: "Don’t turn your head…back over your shoulder."

Some of you may ask why the title, and in fact the song, has special meaning to me, as I have mentioned. Well, if I didn’t mention it in my bio, I’m in choir…and choir is my thing, next to writing. I do it, I’m getting better at it…and I love it. The song "That Lonesome Road" has been in the choir since my high school was founded, a year before I started attending it. Not to mention if you heard a choir sing it…it’d bring a tear to your eye, no matter how hard your heart may be. Believe me, at a time when I thought I could never feel emotion again and I had no more tears left…I heard this song.

So its just special to me. I’ll leave it at that…before I get too personal for a public web site…if it isn’t too late for that already.

And now, I leave you all with that. I hope you have enjoyed the third season of Star Trek Dragon…and I hope you come back for Season 4. Unlike with Voyager, that isn’t it…there is much more to come, much more! So keep your eyes open!