The Characters of STDragon
By Jon Wasik

Ok, so you've asked how I came up with the characters of STDragon, when, and all that good stuff. Well, here you shall find out.

First off, the first characters I ever created, before I even thought of STDragon, were Chris Harriman, Sarah Caft, and Tom Halkrat. Chris, however, is my little project, the one character that's been in existence for a long time in my mind. I don't remember when I came up with his character, but when I was younger, I would sometimes simply day dream about my own little adventures in Star Trek...then I thought it was kinda cheezy, so I made up a character in my place. It was sometime after Star Trek Generations, and I thought, "why not have him related to a captain of one of the Enterprises?" So, Chris Harriman was born as captain of the Enterprise F in my day dreams, heh.

For probably 2 years, I can't remember exactly, I greatly developed his character in my mind, coming up with adventures left right and center for him to over come. He went through several starships...I think at least 3 Enterprises, heh. Hey, give me a break, I was still young! Anyway, I've completely lost track of how things went from there, whether he entered my mind again or not until we moved to our current location. When we moved here, before we got the internet, I started writing a Star Trek novel. This was the first time I actually took Chris Harriman's character and put him down on paper...ok, so a word processor, same difference! :o)

Any way, this was also when I created Sarah Caft and Tom Halkrat, basically Chris's two companions. When I originally created these two characters, they were meant to be for Chris as McCoy and Spock were for Kirk. Of course, as the novel proceeded, that didn't happen, but oh well. Any way, I won't say what this novel was I may eventually rewrite it and put it up as a special presentation. About chapter 10 was when I found out that only established writers could get Trek novels published, so I stopped.

Then I found The Adventures of Argus, which as I've already said, was my inspiration to create STDragon in the first place. That's when I came up with the bulk of my characters. Names just started coming to mind, so I started writing them down...then I gave some personality to the names on that same word document. Those characters were:

Ada Marquet
Kara Trieal
Kalia Tarkent
Terry Latrael
James Trikal

Of all of those names, Kalia was really the only SPECIAL one. Specifically, I came up with the name while watching the movie Stargate one day (one of the many times I've watched the movie, heh.) They mentioned that the Stargate opened at a point somewhere in the Kalium Galaxy...on the other side of the known universe. That's when I thought, "Hey, that's a cool name. I wonder if I could come up with a character name for that..." and voila: Kalia Tarkent was created.

STDragon's first season ended with nothing much to show for. At the time, I thought it was wonderful, but now that I look back on those first five episodes...yeah, hence the reason I've started to rewrite the entire first season when I have time, heh. Then I started to write Time Test, a crossover I had come up with where the other two series, Defender and Paris, were supposed to write the story from their point of view. Of course, neither did, so it simply became STDragon's first 'movie.' This was where I created Vendar Perkins.

Why create Perkins here? Cause I had forgotten about the ops position, so I made up a character for Junior Ops officer. I decided she was going to have to be young, one of those people who graduated from the Academy and immediately was posted to a starship. At the time, the only young actress I knew about was Natalie Portman. So she became the actress that represented this character, who was French-born Vendar Perkins (note that the name isn't French. Just cause she's French doesn't mean her entire family lineage is French!) Little did I know that this would eventually become a defining characteristic of STDragon. *shrug*

As things proceeded into Season 2, I reached episodes 11 and 12, Hopeless Parts 1 and 2. I won't say how for those who haven't read it yet, but that's when I brought in two new characters to try to add some conflict to things. Specifically, R'Sharn, who was a rival for Vendar, and very hot headed. The other was Charley McKariant...someone who I haven't developed much at all. I'll be rectifying that, if not in S3, then in S4, heh.

Any way, that's the character's stories. Not much of a story, but I thought I might as well put the story up on this website, that way I don't have to explain the story every time someone asks me :o)

Comments, suggestions or any thing else, please feel free to email me at Thanks for your time, and enjoy :o)