USS Sentinel NX-91200

Commissioned: Stardate 56021

Length: 605 Meters
Width: 191 Meters
Decks: 23

General Specifications:

One of the earlier designs for the Dragon/Sentinel project, this ship is more or less a relic of the old, corrupted Section 31. Built in secret even from the Federation Council and Starfleet Command in the Pacifica Construction Facility, the Sentinel, like the Dragon-class, is considered a heavy cruiser/enhanced deterrence vessel. It has a powerful sensor array similar to the Galaxy-class and Intrepid-class starships. Although it is part of the Sentinel project, because of it's smaller size, the Sentinel is most likely the first of many ships to come of this class of starship, depending on the NX-91200's success.

Like all current classes of starships, the Sentinel utilizes bio-neural circuitry in many of its systems.

Defensive Systems:

The Sentinel does not necessarily take after the Dragon class's 'all power in one area' theme. It has only one repeating Quantum torpedo launcher facing forward, very similar to the Sovereign class, but like the Sovereign class, has several photon torpedo launchers: 2 forward facing on the ventral side just above the deflector, two aft on the ventral side, and two aft on the dorsal side just above the shuttle bay. The vessel carries 300 photon torpedoes and 100 quantum torpedoes, a considerably smaller number than the Dragon-class. However, the Sentinel does contain the resources to quickly assemble more than this number, as well as resources to assemble Transphasic torpedoes.

Placed strategically about the hull of the ship are 13 phaser strips. As with most contemporary starships, there is really no blind spot anywhere where the phasers can not hit. All 13 strips are Type-XV phaser banks, but these have been given an upgrade by Commander Tarkent and her engineering crew before the ship's launch, and so have a higher energy-output capacity.

Similar to the Dragon-class, the Sentinel utilizes the Delta-Omega shield generators. These generators can partially absorb energy from weapons impact and bleed the energy off to help power ship systems. However, this ability becomes useless when the ship is bombarded or attacked with extremely powerful weaponry.

Propulsion/Power Systems:

The Sentinel has two impulse reactors on the saucer, on either side of the stardrive section. These impulse reactors are, like on the Dragon-class, Type-X7 and are capable of quickly accelerating the ship, giving it an extremely quick sublight acceleration speed.

Placed about the ship are maneuvering thrusters of the exact same type and power as the Dragon class. However, because the ship is so much smaller than the Dragon-class, these thrusters give the ship a greater maneuvering capability.

Under Commander Tarkent's engineering crew, the single warp core on board the Sentinel has been upgraded to the Type-X1 design from the Dragon's upgrades in the Kalium galaxy. Furthermore, the proper changes have been made to the deflector dish to allow the ship to travel beyond warp 10. However, for unknown reasons, when the Sentinel first tried to achieve warp 10 and beyond, the warp field collapsed, and so is limited to a maximum speed of warp 9.99.

Unlike the Dragon-class and more like standard starships, the Sentinel is not powered solely by warp core power, but is instead powered by mostly fusion reactors, while the power for the warp core powers the warp nacelles.