USS Dragon NCC-27749-B (Season 4)

Intrepid Class
Commissioned: Stardate 55110

Length: 345 Meters
Width: 133 Meters
Height: 66 Meters
Decks: 15

General Specifications:

Considered to be a light explorer and scout ship, the Intrepid class starships are very capable little craft, well suited for short-range exploration. Although they are generally limited to escort duty in combat situations, starships such as the USS Voyager have proven that the Intrepid class is a very capable combat vessel.

The Intrepid class starships were one of the first designs to utilize bio-neural gel packs, increasing computer relay and processing speeds by a very large factor. Furthermore, since two-way communication with Voyager was first established, Harry Kim's Astrometrics facility design has been integrated into all Intrepid class starships.

Defensive Systems:

The Intrepid class starships have 13 type-VIII phaser banks located in strategic locations about the hull, ensuring that there are no blind spots, even if an enemy vessel is attached to the hull.

There are two forward and two aft facing torpedo launchers, and since the integration of Quantum Torpedoes into the standard starship arsenal, all Intrepid class starships, including the USS Dragon, have been fitted to fire these instead of Photon Torpedoes.

Although the hull of Intrepid class starships does not have ablative armor, the upgraded shield system on the Dragon and the maneuverability of Intrepid class starships ensures that the Dragon can hold its own in a battle.


Although the impulse drives are of standard device, they are placed in a rather unique position on the Intrepid class starships: they are attached as pods to the struts of the Warp Nacelles.

The warp nacelles and their position, as well as the warp field and the actual shape of the starship were designed to ensure minimal disruption of subspace. The "Warp 5 Speed Limit" does not apply to Intrepid class starships. They have a standard cruising speed of warp 8 and a maximum cruise of warp 9.975.

Power Systems:

Intrepid class starships, like most Federation ships, use the warp core solely for powering the warp drive, as all of the power generated is necessary. Furthermore, the Intrepid is based more on efficiency and has no room of the energy converters present on the Beta and Alpha cores of the Dragon class starship. As a result, ships systems are powered by fusion reactors. If all system reactors were disabled, the impulse engine reactors could power the ship's minimal systems with power enough to move the ship.