USS Voyager NCC-74656

Launched on stardate 48038.5, the USS Voyager was thrown over 70,000 light years from Federation space on its first mission. Thought to have been lost for years, once Starfleet learned of Voyager's true fate, it devoted all of its resources to bringing the ship home. More than 7 years after Voyager was stranded in the Delta Quadrant, it arrived back home. A month later, two Borg vessels entered Federation space on a course for Sector 001 in a move that seemed to be purely retaliation for the damage Voyager had done to the Borg in its return home. With Voyager unable to render assistance due to extensive repairs, the Borg vessels nearly reached Earth, until the USS Dragon reappeared and helped destroy the vessels. Since its return to the Alpha quadrant, Voyager has undergone repairs and extensive study, and then after several months, was returned to active duty. Many of the Maquis crew members have had their criminal charges dropped and have been allowed to retain their NCO ranks, and now still serve aboard Voyager.

Author's Note:

Many people will not agree with me, but I found Voyager to be the best Star Trek show to date. True, the first couple of seasons were just...well, not good, but it greatly improved after that, in my opinion...and I seem to be one of the only person's who enjoyed Voyager. My favorite episode of all time will always be Scorpion, but episodes like The Thaw were also very good :)