USS Vladimir NCC-26201

The Vladimir had been one of Starfleet's longest running and most versatile ship. It served with distinction, and its crew with valor, throughout the first Cardassian war, the Dominion war, and the following conflict with the Vendoth. However, the Vladimir finally met it's demise facing an alien species outside of Federation space after making contact with the USS Sentinel on stardate 56331. Only one member of the crew, the First Officer, survived the encounter.

Author's Note:

The Ambassador class is a decent looking class of starship, though like they did with the Excelsior, Paramount messed around with the design following our first glimpse of her in the TNG episode "Yesterday's Enterprise." Despite that, however, it is a good class of starship. The Vladimir itself was one of Terry's past ships, and was more or less a tool to do a little character development for him :)