USS Typhon NCC-78130

Comissioned on stardate 55522, the Typhon was created in honor of the battle at the Typhon sector against the Borg's second attempted invasion of Federaton space. The fleet met the Borg in the Typhon sector and fought the Borg for three days until the Enterprise met them at Earth and helped deal the finishing blow. With advanced sensors and defensive systems derived from USS Voyager, she is one of the more powerful Sovereign class starships, and all other Sovereigns will have many of their systems updated similar to the Typhon's during their next refit. The Typhon greatly assisted the USS Sentinel in disabling and destroying the mirror ISS Sentinel on stardate 56535.

Author's Note:

Once again, I wanted to include a Sovereign class starship. This one, however, wasn't destroyed :) I first introduced the ship when the Dragon-B launched as having final construction done on Danzia right next to the Dragon, and just had to give her a bigger part :)