USS Sovereign NX-73811

The USS Sovereign was launched in 2371, six months prior to the Enterprise E. Despite her advanced systems, she soon found herself back in space dock with several problems. Thanks to what Starfleet learned while repairing the Sovereign, the Enterprise E did not suffer the same set backs, but the Sovereign didn't launch again until just after the attempted Borg invasion in 2372 (it was unable to launch and travel to Earth fast enough to partake in the fight.) This time the launch was a great success, and the Sovereign was finally given a permanent crew. Shortly after a third Sovereign class starship was launched. All three were on the front lines during the bulk of the Dominion War, and none of them were destroyed, proving once and for all that the Sovereign class design, though not perfect, was a step in the right direction.

In 2379, the USS Enterprise was the first of the Sovereign class starships to enter dry dock for a slightly premature major refit, and the USS Sovereign joined her. As a result, both ships missed the beginning of the Kiklar war, but were soon returned to active duty. The Sovereign fought under the command of its former first officer, Captain Saffi Larson, and with the new upgrades, both the Sovereign and the Enterprise were the most advanced Sovereign class starships during the war. Both ships performed amazingly in the war, and have solidly proven the design.

Author's Note:

Many of you may know of the USS Sovereign and Saffi Larson from the videogame Star Trek Bridge Commander. With all of the other Sovereign class starships running around STDragon, I thought it only fitting that we should see it at least once. The Sovereign class remains to this day one of my all time favorite Trek starship designs!