USS Rhode Island NCC-71851

The Rhode Island was commissioned in 2368, a standard Galaxy-class starship that served as an exploration vessel until the Dominion war began. When the need for combat-capable starships began to expand, the Rhode Island went in for a six month refit during which the entire computer systems were upgraded to bio-neural circuitry as well as increased power to phasers and shields. Later, her forward torpedo launcher was upgraded to accomodate Quantum Torpedoes. In 2378, Captain Deleware was given command of her after seven years of commanding the USS Intrepid. The Rhode Island served with distinction as part of the Sentinel's battlegroup in the first year of the Kiklar war, but was destroyed on stardate 57518 when a prototype Kiklar droid-controlled ship rammed them using the subspace engines. All hands were lost.

Author's Note:

The Rhode Island was just a random ship I put Captain Deleware on during the 5th season so that the former XO of the Intrepid could instead command it. When I made it a part of the Sentinel's Battle Group, I intended to have more interaction between Chris and Captain Deleware (never did give him a first name...) However, in the long run, I instead used it as a vessel to make the Kiklar war even more personal for Chris (and eventually we'll see Captain Dalin with the same problem.)