USS Paris NX-90000

Command by Captain Lev Rivers, the Paris was launched on stardate 53001.4. The Paris was taken to the future before a major battle near the Demilitarized zone. There, it recieved upgrades to prevent a major loss at the DMZ, which would have plunged the Federation into a dark age where the Borg have taken much of the Alpha quadrant. Since then, the Paris has continued to play a pivital role in several major conflicts, including the third Borg incursion to sector 001 (Lonesome Road.)

Author's Note:

Star Trek Dragon, Star Trek Defender, and Star Trek Paris were the three original fan fictions that Millennium Pictures hosted...and in fact was founded by. But of those three, Paris was the core. Without a doubt probably the best fan fiction from Millennium Picture's founding to its end, Paris has captured the attention of hundreds of readers! Although no longer in production, the Paris2 website is still online, where you can read the first two seasons.