USS Khitomer NCC-1799

Although not the first starship to bear the name and NCC number, the Excalibur Class starship Khitomer is one of the most advanced starships ever to launch. The previous Khitomer was a Guardian class starship, a Sovereign class hull that had been used and reconfigured and made into a super warship to fight in the Dominion War. In the rush for completion, the ship was full of bugs and would sometimes be down for days for repairs. Despite that fact, it had fought valiantly in the war and had even managed to stop the Dominion from striking Earth. However, it was not to last, and the ship was eventually lost.

As a result, the second Excalibur class starship to launch from the Danzia yards was renamed just prior to USS Khitomer. Shortly after, it obtained a transwarp drive, matching the then-maximum speed of the other Excalibur class, the USS Paris (the Paris later was fitted with an experimental Slipstream drive.) During the Kiklar war, the Khitomer led one of the battle groups and helped destroy several of the few Kiklar ships in the first half of the war. In 2380, the Khitomer, along with the Paris and the Sentinel, led a task force to capture a Kiklar ship that had been damaged by the Borg. The task force then became a fleet to defend the Kiklar from the Borg, and later the Khitomer played a pivitol role in retaking the Federation colony world of Keliad III.

Author's Note:

Star Trek Khitomer was a short-lived, but wonderful series written by Pete Tzinski during the days of Millennium Pictures. He ended up becoming a good friend of mine for several years, but lately I've lost contact with him. I've purposely avoided writing the Khitomer into STDragon too often simply because I'm not certain what all happened with Khitomer. I know that Pete wanted to use an Excalibur class starship for Khitomer at one point, because he was going to have the Guardian class version destroyed, but I don't know if he ever got that far in the series (I'm sure he did, but I never was able to read it.)