RIS Ker Dar

One of the oldest D'Deridex Warbirds constructed by the Romulan Empire, the Ker Dar is a very well known name by both Romulans and Starfleet Officers alike. Although not present during the first encounters the Enterprise-D had with the Romulans in the early 2360s, it was for a long time on the front of all operations involving the Federation. During the Kiklar War, the Ker Dar, under the leadership of Commander Denara, joined the Sentinel's battle group and fought in several battles. However, eventually the ship's age caught up with it, and it fell in battle.

Author's Note:

I find it interesting how when TNG first aired the producers kept creating these massive ships. First the huge Galaxy class, then the D'Deridex warbird twice as large as the Galaxy, then the Borg cubes! Still, I like the design as much as the Norexan (the Valdore from Nemesis)