USS Intrepid NCC-74650

The first Intrepid class starship ever launched, the USS Intrepid was extremely successful in it's missions as a scout and light explorer ship. She was also the first starship that Chris Harriman served as primary helmsman. Shortly after Voyager's return, the Intrepid underwent her first major refit, which included an upgrade in phasers as well as fitting the torpedo launchers to launch Quantum Torpedoes. As with all Intrepid class starships, a stellar cartography lab was constructed on the ship based on Harry Kim's design. All in all, the refit made her more capable in both combat and exploration, though her role remains as primarily just a scout and light explorer. On stardate 56535, she aided the USS Sentinel in disabling and destroying the mirror ISS Sentinel. She took heavy damage and had to eject her core, however reinforcements to the core helped the core sustain a close-proximity shockwave from the ISS Sentinel's warp core.

Author's Note:

Again, I love the Intrepid class starships. They're good looking ships in my opinion, and built sturdy. I do intend to feature the Intrepid a little more in Season 6, given the fact that Chris Harriman has an affinity for it, being the first starship that he piloted outside of training...and because I love the Intrepid class :)