USS Argus NCC-75124

Commissioned on stardate 50450.5, the Sovereign-class USS Argus played a key role in the Dominion War. One such role was when the Argus and it's commanding officer, Captain Janozia Lex, commanded the 7th fleet during the Battle of the Badlands (Special Features episodes "Gateway") The Argus continues to explore and protect not only space, but humanity and time itself...

Author's Notes:

For those who do not know, it is Star Trek The Adventures of Argus that inspired Star Trek Dragon's creation. Without the existence of Argus, I might never have thought to start my own fan fiction, and in fact without Star Trek Argus, my dreams of becoming a professional writer would have been nothing more than that, dreams. With the inspiration to create Star Trek Dragon, to make it better, and to improve my own writing skills, the creator, Alex Thompson, has had a major impact on my life. Argus still is one of the best fan fictions out there, so I definitely recommend checking it out! Thanks for everything, Alex!