USS Adrienne NCC-78513

The USS Adrienne was launched about a year prior to the Kiklar war from the Utopia Planitia Ship Yards. Although it never played a pivitol role in the war, it was later towards the end of the war that it became a center piece. Starfleet Command had begun to suspect that key members in the fleet had fallen under Kiklar mind control, including Captain Harriman of the Sentinel. The Sentinel crew denied that possibility and was on the run for several months. The Adrienne was assigned to the Acheron's battle group to hunt down those suspected, and in an encounter in the Dreagus Nebula, was attacked and disabled by the Sentinel.

Author's Note:

Small and easy to construct, I think it's safe to say that the Intrepid is going to help augment the work horse status of the fleet. I still love this design, but there was no particular reason I made the Adrienne an Intrepid class. It simply is.