USS Acheron NX-79438

The Acheron in a way is much like the Guardian class Khitomer from the Dominion War. It was a standard Sovereign class starship that, several months prior to completion, was modified to include many more weapons and new shielding technology. The upgrades included five additional forward-facing quantum torpedoe launchers and two aft, several more pulse phaser cannons, and a cloaking device. It became the hub of Admiral Chavez's hunt for the Sentinel and any other ships suspected to be under the control of the Kiklar invasion force, and was more than capable of stopping the Sentinel.

Author's Note:

Some of you may recognize the name Acheron - I admit, I wanted to use the name after I watched Master and Commander - The Far Side of the World. I loved every part of that movie, and thought that it would be great to have Chavez use a more powerful ship that would require the Sentinel crew to out think more than out gun the Acheron crew.