In this section of Star Trek Dragon, Mike Conomy and I had compiled a set of questions during Season 4 that are frequently asked about Star Trek Dragon. Please read this section before you send any emails asking questions about Star Trek Dragon.

At the beginning of Star Trek Dragon, the stardates start with 52xxx.x. This differs from the commissioning date and so on of the Dragon-A...why?
That question can not be answered here, but is instead answered through out the series. The puzzle is solved in Time Test, but is further explained at the beginning of Season 4. Originally this error was an accident, but I simply wrote it into the story of Star Trek Dragon :)

Can I use any of the images and other graphics off of Star Trek Dragon?
That usually isn't much of a problem so long as you credit the creator of the image. Note that not all images on this site are original and they do come from other graphic design artists.

Can I join the Star Trek Dragon team?
Pretty much with STDragon no longer in production, there's nothing to do.

Can I link to Star Trek Dragon?
Of course you can! If you would like, I'd be happy to link right back to your site!

Can I post your episodes onto my website?
This would have to be a big no. The written material of Star Trek Dragon should always remain on Star Trek Dragon simply because the very purpose of the web site is to hold this material. Publishing it on other websites is, I'm afraid, not permitted.

Can you help me build my own Star Trek Fan Fiction?
Generally, the creators of Star Trek Dragon are very busy with things other than Star Trek Dragon, and often barely have time to work on STDragon itself. However, we can point you in the right direction with a few pointers. For starters, if you really want excellent, quality help from some of the top fan fiction creators, visit Millennium Pictures and drop a line at the forum!

Aren't you violating Paramount's Copyright on Star Trek?
According to Paramount, yes, and in the past they've tried to shut down every Trek fan site on the 'net, and managed only to anger the fans. I'm not an expert about the law, but since STDragon doesn not make any profit, nor does it take away from Paramount's profits in any way (IE I don't think people will want to read my site over watching actual Star Trek) I don't believe I have violated any copyright laws. That doesn't mean I'm right in thinking I haven't, but unless Paramount specifically demands that I take the STDragon website down, I'm here to stay :) Please note that while Star Trek is copyrighted to Paramount, the Intellectual Copyright Law means that everything that is original in STDragon's stories, specifically the characters, is copyrighted to me. The Sentinel design follows Trek guidelines for its design so I'm not sure if that would be copyrighted to me or not.