James Trikal

Rank: Lieutenant
Position: Primary Helmsman
Place of Birth: Lake Armstrong, Luna
Species: Human
Date of Birth: May 19th, 2350

General Information and Service Record

James Trikal was born on the Earth's only natural Satellite in the colony of Lake Armstrong. His Father, who was an operation's officer at a Starfleet station on the moon, often found a way to get his son to pilot in the flight simulator, which he quickly discovered James loved and seemed to be a natural pilot. When James was only 14, he began to pilot Starfleet training shuttles, and at 16 he began to shuttle various people around in-system on the weekends. In 2368, he entered the academy and focused on piloting and navigation. He graduated in 2372 as a lieutenant, junior grade, but in less than a year he made lieutenant and was assigned to the USS Archer as a helmsman. He later served aboard the USS Forester, and in 2375 was assigned to the USS Intrepid. There, James Trikal was a key figure in the T'Laulland incident just before the end of the Dominion War, the only dark spot in his record keeping him from promotion to lieutenant-commander. In 2377, he was offered a position by Captain Chris Harriman to become helmsman aboard the USS Dragon...