Kara Trieal

Rank: Commander
Position: Cheif Medical Officer
Place of Birth: Betazed
Species: Human/Betazoid
Date of Birth: Earth Calander October 5th, 2346


General Information and Service Record

Although half Betazoid, Kara Trieal has no telepathic abilities what so ever. Born into a family of Ambassadors, she was one of the only persons in her family to ever join Starfleet Academy. As a child, she displayed a great interest in medicines and early on showed an aptitude for cross-cultural physiology and medicine. In 2364, she joined the Medical program at Starfleet Academy. She graduated in 2370 as a full lieutenant and was assigned as a doctor aboard the USS Enterprise-D. After the destruction of the Enterprise-D, she went on to serve aboard Starbase 13. In 2373, she was promoted to lieutenant-commander and given the position of Department Head on Starbase 13. In 2377, she was promoted to Commander and was assigned as Cheif Medical Officer aboard the USS Dragon NCC-27749-A...