Kalia Tarkent

Rank: Commander
Position: Cheif Engineer
Place of Birth: Wisconsin, Earth
Species: Human
Date of Birth: May 13th, 2347


General Information and Service Record

Although Kalia Tarkent was born in Northern Wisconsin, her family later moved to Southern Wisconsin, where she attended High School along with Chris Harriman. Though the two never became friends, they had met several times. Kalia also entered the Academy early in the summer of 2365 and studied in the Engineering program, with an emphasis on advanced warp theory and warp mechanics. It was in the Academy that Kalia and Chris Harriman became close friends. Kalia graduated a year early in 2368 and went on to serve as an engineer aboard several starships, including the Bozeman, Ambassador, and the Enterprise-D. In 2371, while serving aboard the USS Bozeman, Kalia recieved a near-lethal dose of Theta radiation when a plasma inducer's magnetic constrictor failed. She was shuttled to a near-by medical starbase by Chris Harriman where she underwent several months of rehabilitation. In 2374, Kalia recieved a promotion from Lieutenant-Commander to Commander and was assigned as Cheif Engineer of the USS Galaxy, and a year later she was given the same position aboard the USS Swansea. In 2377, Kalia was offered a position in Starfleet's Research and Development section, but declined so that she could serve aboard the USS Dragon as Chief Engineer...