Ada Marquet

Rank: Lieutenant
Position: Cheif of Security
Place of Birth: USS Zhukov, deep space
Species: Human
Date of Birth: February 1st, 2345


General Information and Service Record

Ada Marquet displayed a great interest in martial arts during her childhood. By the time she was fourteen, she had mastered her first discipline of martial arts, though by her own admission, there had not been much to master in that discipline. She then decided to study more complex martial arts. In 2363, she entered Starfleet Academy in the security field and graduated in 2367 as a lieutenant. Over the years, she served as a security officer aboard several starships, including her birth place, the USS Zhukov, as well as the USS Intrepid, USS Zimmerman, and the USS Kyushu. In 2373, she was inducted into Starfleet Intelligence and the Peace Corps at the rank of Commander and was given command of several classified operations. In 2375, she commanded a highly sensitive incursion where she breached mission parameters to a serious degree. All other information on this event is classified, and Ada was demoted to the rank of lieutenant. She continued to serve in Starfleet Intelligence until 2377 when she was recruited by Captain Harriman to serve aboard the USS Dragon...