Terry Latrael

Rank: Lieutenant
Position: Ship's Counselor
Place of Birth: Betazed
Species: Betazoid
Date of Birth: Earth Calander April 26th, 2341


General Information and Service Record

A full betazoid, Terry Latrael (his parents have an affinity for human names) displayed a level of empathy and emotional understanding beyond even most Betazoids. In 2360, he applied for Starfleet Academy, but did not pass the entrance exam. He attempted the exam again in 2361 and succeeded, though barely, and majored in psychology. He graduated a year early from the Academy, in 2366 (all forms of medical fields generally call for a 6-year degree rather than a 4-year) as a lieutenant, junior grade and was assigned to the USS Vladimir. In 2371 he was promoted to full lieutenant and became the Vladimir's primary counselor. He has served with absolute distinction aboard the Vladimir and has recieved several commendations. He is renowned for being able to help resolve conflicts between crew members in one counselling session through a use of traditional therapy as well as the use of his telepathic abilities. In 2377, he was requested by Chris Harriman to serve aboard the USS Dragon...