Chris Harriman

Rank: Captain
Position: Commanding Officer
Place of Birth: Wisconsin, Earth
Species: Human
Date of Birth: December 10th, 2347


General Information and Service Record

Chris Harriman was born in Southern Wisconsin where he was raised for the majority of his life. He is one of the only members of his family to have joined Starfleet, the others being his father, grandfather, and great grandfather (John Harriman of the Enterprise-B.) He graduated from high school in the top ten percent of his class, but instead of going to the University of Wisconsin in Madison as his mother wanted, he decided to follow in the foot steps of his father and grandfather and joined Starfleet Academy right after graduation in 2365. Despite showing a great aptitude for Quantum Physics, he decided to instead concentrate his studies on navigation and piloting. He graduated a year ahead of his class in 2368 at the rank of Lieutenant, Junior Grade. He was originally posted to Starbase Earhart, but his skills as a pilot were quickly recognized and he was assigned to various special missions around Federation space, shuttling high-ranking officials, critical condition patients, and many other ViP's. In 2371, right after the dissapparence of the starship Voyager, Chris was assigned to his first starship, the USS Intrepid, and was promoted to Lieutenant. He served aboard that starship until after the Baku incident, when he was assigned to the USS Enterprise. He only served aboard that ship for four months but at the end of his service was promoted to Lieutenant Commander. He was then assigned to the first USS Dragon, NCC-27749. After a brief skirmish with Jem Hadar battle ships, the first officer was killed and Chris replaced him, giving him a promotion to Commander. Near the end of 2377, after the destruction of the first USS Dragon, Chris was given a promotion to Captain and given command of a prototype class of starship. His promotion from Lieutenant to Captain in just six years is a testament to his abilities as a pilot and, more importantly, a leader...