Thomas Halkrat

Rank: Lieutenant-Commander
Position: Chief Science Officer
Place of Birth: Starbase Earhart
Species: Human
Date of Birth: June 1st, 2350


General Information and Service Record

Thomas Halkrat was born in space aboard Starbase Earhart. Both of his parents were Starfleet officers working in the field of science and therefore encouraged his exploration of science. In the early summer semester of 2368, he made his way to Earth where he entered Starfleet Academy, and where he breifly met Sarah Caft and Chris Harriman. He quickly excelled through basic sciences his first year and later helped advance several projects along with some of the Daystrom Institue's finest. He graduated in 2372, and is one of the only students in history to graduate into the rank of lieutenant-commander. He was assigned to the USS Idaho for a short period, and then was assigned to the Enterprise-E at the same time Chris and Sarah were, where he formed a close friendship with the two. After his service aboard the Enterprise, he was promoted to Commander and given the position of First Officer aboard the USS Odessey. In January of 2377, the Odessey fell under Cardassian attack and the Captain was killed. Starfleet lost contact with the Odessey after that, but two days later, long range sensors detected the Odessey firing on a Federation starship. Before the USS Enterprise could respond, the other starship was destroyed. Once the Enterprise arrived on the scene, Tom relinquished command of the Odessey and claimed that Dominion rebels had been in control of the other starship. A full inquiry was opened, but all sensor records from the incident had been deleted and no bodies had been found in the wreckage. The crew of the other ship unnaccounted for and no evidence of murder, Tom was only convicted of the needless destruction of a Federation starship and demoted to the rank of lieutenant-commander. He has now been assigned as cheif science officer on board the USS Dragon...