Welcome to the gateway page for STDragon's final episode "Legend's End" The end of the war approaches and Earth faces the greatest threat ever when the Kiklar's newest, deadliest weapon is revealed. Should the weapon survive, and should Earth be destroyed, the rest of the galaxy will face an unbeatable threat greater than ever before! Knowing full well the danger ahead, the crews of every starship come to realize that nothing is as important as winning the battle. If the galaxy is to survive, everything must be put on the line.

Note - this final installment of STDragon is considerably larger than any other STDragon episode, 83 pages in Microsoft Word!! As a result, Beneat the regular links, I've posted links to each page, and on each page I've placed at the top and bottom which page you are on, so if you need to leave in the middle of reading, you can easily find your way back to the page you left off from.

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