Welcome to the gateway page for the Star Trek Dragon episode "Forgotten History, Part I." This is the first of not only a two-part story, but in fact a 5-episode story arch that will span across Seasons 6 and 7, entitled "The Tides of War." When a chance-encounter between a Borg cube and a Kiklar ship leaves the cube destroyed and the Kiklar ship stranded, the Allied forces react quickly and send the only three starships capable of travelling at transwarp speeds or greater to capture the derelict: the USS Sentinel, the USS Khitomer, and the slipstream-capable USS Paris. However, while en-route, Chris is abducted by the omnipotent being Q. While the Sentinel races towards the Kiklar ship, the crew struggles to find Chris while simultaniously preparing for a decidedly dangerous mission. Meanwhile, Q begins to unlock memories within Chris that hold the key to countless puzzles...and unravels a far greater threat to the Federation than the Kiklar.

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