Welcome to the gateway page for the Star Trek Dragon episode "Evacuation"! While the USS Sentinel is docked at Starbase 515, the USS Typhon makes a startling discovery: several of the Kiklar ships guarding the Keliad System (the colony we saw the Kiklar take over in the episode "Know Thine Enemy") have gone missing, including one of the rarely used, and greatly powerful Carriers, holding large numbers of fighters in its many bays. Upon further investigation, the Typhon crew discovers that the ships are on a direct course for Starbase 515. A battle for life and death ensues, during wich hard decisions are made. Though the Allied ships deal a critical blow to the assaulting Kiklar force, it is to no avail, and the Allies are forced to evacuate the station. With thousands of refugees aboard each ship, the Allies must race to safe haven...or face the Kiklar in one last desparate attempt to save lives.