Welcome to the gateway page for Star Trek Dragon's 50th episode, "The Dawn". As it is the 50th episode of STDragon, it is only fitting that it is such an important episode. The Sentinel returns to Federation space with the promise of Alliance from the Romulans, but there is little time to rest and celebrate. Negotiations must be solidified between the members of the new Alliance, and a strategy must be planned out. After a strange encounter with the recently elected President of the Federation and the head of Starfleet Command, Admiral Chavez, Chris faces an old CO and must ensure that past tensions between the two will not interfere with the coming war.

And finally, the day arrives. The Kiklar fleet appears in the Milkey Way Galaxy. A massive battle ensues between the fleet and the Allied armada, and it is at the end of the battle that the species of the alliance first begin to understand the true seriousness of the coming war.

"In war, alliances will be made, lives will change...lives will be lost."

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