Welcome to the Gateway page for Star Trek Dragon's "A Long Time Ago..." This episode actually has images in it! Six to be precise! As usual, this is in two formats: .htm and .doc. Of course, the .doc is zipped using the program WinZip. This is a closure to one chapter in Star Trek Dragon, and the beginning of a whole new chapter in Fan Fiction! Please, enjoy! Remember, to see a larger version of an image, just click on it!

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Star Trek Dragon: "A Long Time Ago..."

An enemy long forgotten. One so far away, no one ever thought they would see them again. They exist to conquer, they conquer to exist. They are...the Borg.

Now, one ship must defy all odds and face an enemy more powerful than an entire fleet...or else they must all watch their future end. At the same time, a new piece to an ongoing puzzle is added...as the Dragon crew finally meets humans from the Kalium Galaxy!